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How to PROTECT Your Retirement from Market Volatility,

High Inflation, and Taxes


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Never before have American retirees faced such monumental risks when planning for retirement. Our extended life expectancy (commonly referred to as “longevity”) coupled with market volatility, sky-rocketing health care costs in retirement, and the inevitability of taxes and higher inflation have led many to wonder if they have enough funds set aside to last through their retirement.

Mon, May 9th
6:30 pm ET

Wed, May 11th
11:30 am ET

Sat, May 14th
9:30 am ET

Are you concerned about your retirement?

Our free webinar is designed exclusively for those approaching or in retirement, and we will show you how to potentially reduce risk to your retirement from:

Market Volatility

  • How to mitigate or eliminate volatility in your retirement portfolio due to global events or recession
  • How to create your own personal pension guaranteed to grow by 5-7% regardless of market conditions a
  • How to hedge your stock portfolio from deep market declines

Rising Taxes

  • Why a "small window" of opportunity is closing to save on retirement income taxes

  • Why 401(k)s, IRAs, and 403(b)s could be the least tax-efficient accounts when you retire and how strategic Roth Conversions may save you thousands in retirement
  • Learn about a triple tax savings investment - get a deduction, grows tax deferred and comes out tax-free

Rising Inflation

  • Strategies to combat inflation to ensure your future spending power is preserved
  • How 1970s-style inflation (like today!) could reduce your retirement income and "force" you to reduce your standard of living
  • Learn about a US Treasury safe investment that will soon yield almost 10% that's backed by the full faith of the US gov't

PLUS, all attendees can enjoy a personalized wealth plan through our innovative JourneyGuide planning software that maps out their entire retirement factoring taxes, inflation, portfolio stress test, and lifetime cash flow analysis, but you must register and attend!

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PLUS, we'll share additional insights for your retirement planning:

  • How the SECURE Act has changed legacy planning for IRA owners
  • How to use current market losses you are experiencing to create a more tax-efficient retirement
  • The most tax-efficient way to protect your nest-egg from the high cost of Long Term Care

Space is limited to only 15 attendees each session, secure your spot now!


Meet Your Host

Bradley J. Rosen, Owner/President, Longevity Financial

Bradley Rosen is an Investment Adviser Representative and the owner and president of Longevity Financial. He has been developing and implementing tax­-efficient retirement income strategies for his clients for over two decades, built around his mission of creating longevity in their finances. In addition to his regularly scheduled live speaking engagements, he is hosting this no-cost webinar to help retirees in the community prepare for what's ahead. Longevity Financial believes that knowledge is power, striving to educate all our clients as we adhere to the strictest codes of ethics by acting as a true fiduciary.

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Retirement should be about finding solutions to fit your hopes and dreams, not making sacrifices.

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